Anti Slip Pad

      • Useful both as a non slip pad and also to stick items such as remotes, cell phones, sunglasses, GPS, pens, keys, coins etc to locate position.
      • Adhere to any vertical & horizontal flat surfaces (like on dashboard, refrigerator, glass, windows, glossy wall ) and hold objects in place.
      • Made of soft PU gel, an unique material that offers incredibly sticky, resilient, flexible and nurable capability. Can be easily peeled off without leaving any marks or residue.
      Anti Slip Pad
      Anti Slip Pad
      • Removable , washable , foldable and portable.
      • Perfect promotional product for automobile company , great giveaways for cellphone user.
      • We can get your OEM order started with 500 units.

      Anti Slip Pad
      Product Show
      Different Size:
      Anti Slip Pad AG0381    Size: 12 x 8 cm
      Anti Slip Pad AG0382    Size: 14.2 x 9 cm
      Anti Slip Pad

      Product Specifications

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