Gel Eye Mask

      • This magic liquid eyemask can be used cold or hot by either placing it in fridge for 2 hours or putting in hot water for 10 minutes.
      • Benefits of Gel Eye Mask:
        -Help to reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles and wrinkles around eyes.
        -Help to relief from strain & tension to relaxing your hardworking eyes.
        -Help to relieve high fever by placing eye mask on forehead.
        -Help to relieve fatigue and allergies.
      Gel Eye Mask
      Gel Eye Mask
      • Great for eye protection & enhances beauty purpose. widely use for personal care in daily life.
      • MOQ for customized order is 1,000 pcs.

      Gel Eye Mask
      Product Show
      Different Gel Color
      Gel Eye Mask Red
      Gel Eye Mask Blue
      Gel Eye Mask Yellow
      Gel Eye Mask Green
      Different Accessory
      Gel Eye Mask With 1 pc elastic string
      Gel Eye Mask With 2 pcs elastic string
      Gel Eye Mask With velcro on PVC strap

      Product Specifications

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