Memory Card Holder

      • This holder is designed for carrying various size of memory cards and gives the convenience to bring them out & keep them in order.
      • Cute handy design with plastic button closure, it provides the perfect storage solution for your precious memory cards.
      • Suitable for most type of memory cards: SIM card, SD card, CF card, Micro SD card, Mini SD card, MS DUO etc.
      • Best way for storing and protecting your valuable memory cards from misplacing or losing.
      Memory Card Holder
      Memory Card Holder
      • Light-weight, small size and with attractive printing, perfect for gifts and promotion.
      • Perfect for professional and amateur photographers alike and will keep your cards together, safe, and protected.
      • Must-have item for office , home and traveling.
      • Customized size / shape / printing are welcomed at MOQ 1,000 pcs.

      Memory Card Holder
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      Different logo / printing:
      Memory Card Holder With silkscreen printing
      Memory Card Holder With offset printing

      Memory Card Holder

      Product Specifications

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