Silicone Luggage Tag

      • Want to find your own luggage at the first sight from similar luggages? This lovely silicone luggage tag help you to identify your luggage easily at the airport and ensure your bags arrives your hands safely . It also can be attached to any valuable equipment for easy identification at the airport, hotel or other public places.
      • Made from durable silicone with loops will keep your tags safely attached to your luggage.
      • Bright silicone color makes your bag easy to identify , and makes your travelling fun & enjoyable.
      Silicone Luggage Tag
      Silicone Luggage Tag
      • Traveller's personal information can be wrote on the inserted removable paper card, easy to attach and remove.
      • Makes a great inexpensive bon voyage gift for friends, families and clients. This also makes for a fun gift to give to people as they embark on a journey.
      • Perfect for gifts & promotional, especially for airline, cruise, hotel & travel companies.
      • Welcome OEM order at MOQ 500 units.

      Silicone Luggage Tag
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      Different locking way:
      Silicone Luggage Tag With silkscreen printing
      Silicone Luggage Tag With offset printing
      Silicone Luggage Tag

      Product Specifications

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